Coping with (yet another) lockdown

Coping with (yet another) lockdown

20 Jul 2021Coping with (yet another) lockdown

By Frank Donnoli and Josephine Piccolo (our resident TTC Psychologists) Once again, we are facing the predicament of lockdown. There are many conflicting emotions that are brought to the surface including loneliness, anger, frustration, and fear. And then there is that other real issue; where am I going to get my toilet paper and how […]

How e-scripts work

20 Jul 2021How e-scripts work

Doctors at Turn The Corner will ask you if you’d like your prescription provided as an e-script. So, what is it? An electronic prescription, or e-script, is a more secure and environmentally-friendly alternative to a paper prescription. Assuming you are happy to receive an e-script, your doctor will send a token in the form of […]