Turn The Corner Medical Clinic is open 6 days a week, including Saturdays. Please make an appointment with us below, or by calling 1300 557 502. Existing clients can request repeat scripts and referrals online, without the need for an appointment.

Some of our doctors use BetterConsult to understand the reason for your visit. You might be sent an SMS from BetterConsult with a link to an optional pre-appointment questionnaire. Your doctor would then receive a medical summary so that more time during your consultation can be spent providing you with appropriate care.

We request that new clients complete our New Patient Questionnaire. If you book by phone, please complete it online before your first appointment.

We appreciate that our clients’ personal circumstances can be dynamic, but when clients miss appointments it can mean others in need of care don’t get to see a doctor as quickly as they otherwise would. In the case of no-shows, or cancellations within 24 hours, we therefore charge a modest FTA fee of up to $50.

We utilise the HotDoc online appointment booking process. HotDoc saves you time by allowing you to book appointments for yourself and your family faster and more efficiently, and helps us to ensure we have accurate information about you on our system to offer the best possible care. If you are not already a HotDoc user, you will be required to sign up as part of our appointment booking process. Rest assured that the only communication you’ll subsequently receive from HotDoc will be on Turn The Corner’s behalf. To enable you to get the most from Turn The Corner via HotDoc, please download the free HotDoc app from either the Apple or Android store.