About Our Brunswick Clinic

Turn The Corner’s second clinic is now open at 301 Albert Street, Brunswick. The building was originally a warehouse, and more recently was used as a place of worship. Now it’s our new home. We engaged the same architect we worked with in Northcote, Nicola Dovey, to help us create a welcoming, attractive space with a Brunswick vibe. The facilities for doctors, patients and staff are fantastic. We have seven consulting rooms, a Vaccination room, and an onsite Pathology collection room. All of our systems will be shared across our two locations, making life convenient for patients and our team alike.

If you are planning to visit us to have certain procedures done (for example, IUD insertions), or a COVID vaccination, or if you wish to visit us on Saturdays, we’ll ask you to book at the Northcote clinic for the time being.

We look forward to welcoming you to Turn The Corner Brunswick soon, should it be more convenient for you than our Northcote clinic.