Dr. Tamsin Franklin, Principal

Dr. Tamsin Franklin, Principal

Dr. Tamsin Franklin

General Practitioner and Principal of Turn The Corner

I am the owner and principal General Practitioner at Turn The Corner. I live in Northcote and am very proud of my team who all work hard to provide a high-quality personal service. I have experience in managing mental health issues, and bring an affirming and collaborative approach to maximising emotional as well as physical wellbeing. I am an advocate for reproductive choices. I insert and remove all long-active contraception options and am accredited to provide shared care of pregnancy. I am active and enjoy sports medicine, as well as taking a person-centred, non-shaming approach to weight loss and fitness improvement. If you ever have any concerns (or compliments) about the clinic, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via our wonderful Support team as I am always wanting to improve how we care for our community.

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