Flu vaccines – 2021

13 Apr 2021Flu vaccines – 2021

Flu vaccines are now available. Existing and new patients of the clinic are now able to book an appointment online. Why do I need an annual flu shot? Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is caused by a highly contagious virus that is spread by contact with fluid from coughs and sneezes. The virus has […]

COVID vaccines

8 Apr 2021COVID vaccines

Turn The Corner is participating in Phase 1b of the COVID vaccine roll-out. We are being provided only with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Existing and new patients qualifying for a Phase 1b vaccine (see below) are now welcome to book appointments online. Appointments for COVID vaccines are not able to be booked by phone. COVID vaccination […]

Please see me for your cold too

22 Mar 2021Please see me for your cold too

by Dr. Alina Yaremenko. One of the core elements I love about being a GP is the ability to care for someone holistically – considering the interactions of physical, psychological, and social factors. When this is done well, a very powerful therapeutic relationship develops. When I started practicing 20 years ago, this would occur quite […]

The potential of mRNA vaccines

24 Feb 2021The potential of mRNA vaccines

A recent article* about mRNA vaccines captured my attention. It made we realise that if COVID can propel us forward a decade in the treatment and potential cure for certain chronic conditions, we might look back and see COVID as a blessing rather than a curse, for some at least. The article is worth a […]

Astronauts and Art

27 Jan 2021Astronauts and Art

 “Astronauts and Art”, by Dr. Alison Sands. Recently two articles* captured my attention. The first article explores how the study of astronauts and others who spend long periods of time in isolation can help us develop positive coping strategies for getting through lockdown or quarantine. The second addresses how we may transform challenging experiences into […]

End of year closure

18 Nov 2020End of year closure

2020 has been a year like no other. Sadly, my dad passed away in the middle of the last lockdown, on August the 2nd. He is very much missed and I am hoping the funeral we were unable to have can be held next year. The Turn The Corner team of doctors, nurses and support […]

Turn The Corner’s new Shop

18 Nov 2020Turn The Corner’s new Shop

We’ve recently opened a shop on our website. It’s not a big shop, but rather a “curated boutique” of medical books and some personal medical devices recommended by our doctors.

Importance of timely childhood immunisations

18 Nov 2020Importance of timely childhood immunisations

Parents will be aware of the National Immunisation Program (NIP) Schedule – a series of immunisations given at specific times throughout your life. Children have a fantastic immune response that becomes less potent as we get older, which is one of the reasons vaccines are given at a young age. To ensure the best possible […]

Welcome Lisa and Victoria

21 Oct 2020Welcome Lisa and Victoria

We are extremely excited to welcome Lisa and Victoria to the support team here at Turn the Corner Medical Clinic. You may have already seen them around the clinic, take a look below to read a little more about them. Lisa  I am passionate about healthcare and helping others. I enjoy working with a diverse […]

Dr Alina talks to us about Insulin Resistance

21 Oct 2020Dr Alina talks to us about Insulin Resistance

The best type of medicine, in my opinion, is preventative medicine, and one of my passions is the treatment of INSULIN RESISTANCE, otherwise known as PRE-DIABETES. Insulin resistance is where the cells in the body become resistant to the hormone, which controls blood sugar – insulin. Insulin is critical to the body’s use of glucose […]