Flu vaccines for winter 2024

Flu vaccines for winter 2024

Posted on Apr 16, 2024

Flu vaccines are now available at our Northcote and Brunswick clinics for existing patients of Turn The Corner. You will need to book online (rather than by phone) as there are simple consents to complete as part of the process.

Why do I need an annual flu shot? Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is caused by a highly contagious virus that is spread by contact with fluid from coughs and sneezes. The virus has an ability to change its surface structure (which it does, to keep one step ahead of humans and their pesky vaccines). This means that even if you had the flu or the vaccine last year, your body’s immune system might be unable to fight the new, changed version of the virus this year.

Why now? The highest level of protection occurs in the first 3 to 4 months following vaccination. Annual vaccination should ideally occur before the onset of each influenza season – which in Melbourne is usually June to September.

Who should get a flu shot? Anyone over 6 months old. You qualify for a Government vaccine if you are under 5, over 65, have certain conditions that make you more at risk, identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, or are pregnant. If you are 5-65 and don’t satisfy the criteria for a Government vaccine, you are welcome to have a private vaccine.

How much will it cost? For those eligible for a Government vaccine, we charge a $16 nurse fee for its administration. The cost of the private vaccine for those not eligible for a Government vaccine is $30, inclusive of the nurse fee.

I’m in. How do I book? Online, with either Nurse Brunswick at our Brunswick clinic or Nurse Northcote Immunisations at Northcote. Alternatively, you could have your vaccine as part of a normal 15- or 30-min appointment with your regular doctor.