How e-scripts work

How e-scripts work

Posted on Jul 20, 2021

Doctors at Turn The Corner will ask you if you’d like your prescription provided as an e-script. So, what is it?

An electronic prescription, or e-script, is a more secure and environmentally-friendly alternative to a paper prescription. Assuming you are happy to receive an e-script, your doctor will send a token in the form of a QR code to your phone via SMS, or to your email. It’s a reason why it’s important for us to make sure that we have the correct phone number and email address on file for you.

You then show your token to be scanned at your favourite pharmacy. The pharmacy can then access your prescription details from a centralised, secure database, and dispense your medicine. If your doctor has prescribed any repeats, you’ll receive a new token from the pharmacy when the medicine is dispensed. You would use that new token a few weeks or months later to get your repeat. If you can’t remember which token corresponds to which medicine, you can give your pharmacist permission to access your details on that centralised database, and they’ll be able to work it out for you.

Coming down the track are mobile “wallet” apps that will help you manage your tokens more conveniently, with options to share them with your favourite pharmacy for remote dispensing.

Bottom line, e-scripts are something we arguably should have had years ago, but now that they’re here, they provide security and convenience for pharmacists, doctors, and most importantly you, the patient.