Inside the tent, with Dr. Tamsin

Inside the tent, with Dr. Tamsin

Posted on Aug 26, 2021

This is Daisy, my 5-year-old labrador.

I think we have all felt like this.

Despite lockdowns, I have had the luxury of conversation. I get to talk to so many of you and hear your stories, and I know that so many of you have been struggling.

Rather than bombard you with more data about vaccine efficacy or complex stories of cavernous sinus thrombosis and immunology, I thought I’d share some of the more uplifting news of the last couple of months – about our psychologists, reducing our carbon footprint, and Pfizer arriving in October.

This is my dad in 1977. I am in the background getting burned in the Tasmanian sun. Dad was thinking, “I am sure I can fit more in if I ditch the sunblock”. To be honest, I think I was probably going in the boot there… those were the days without seatbelts. I fell out of the back of that car onto the Bass Highway. Dad died last year and I miss him. We didn’t have a funeral and our memorial this year was also cancelled. Everyone I speak to has had to deal with pain like this in the last 18 months.

We have also spent a lot of time in our own heads and this has not always been pleasant! Partners living together but lacking intimacy, eating to self soothe, or refusing to eat for the same reason, a desire to parent in a different way from your own experience, but not being sure of where to begin. Now might be the time to recognise that exercise, travel, eating out and socialising, perhaps they were hiding some other stuff you needed to deal with, and perhaps it would be good to reach out and start to do this. Life is short, people, so don’t just sit on repeat.

Doctors have struggled to find psychologists who have availability in our area. Or indeed any area. We have also found it very difficult to find psychologists who are prepared to continue face to face consults. At Turn The Corner, with our COVID-safe space, you can access psychological care in person. For those suffering trauma, or needing to meet a psychologist for the first time, or who are managing extreme loneliness and isolation, this can be truly a blessing.

Frank Donnoli and Josephine Piccolo offer a diverse range of experience and approach. We are about to bring on a third psychologist to try and meet demand. Please talk to your doctor if you would like to see one of them. You can check out their bios here.

We recently upgraded our heating and cooling system. The 60-odd solar panels we installed a few weeks ago are working super well and we hope to use power from that solar to run all the air conditioning required to cope with the devastating heat from climate change. If we are generating excess power, for example during weekend times when we’re not open, it goes back into the grid. We have also brought in a number of measures to reduce waste, recycle soft plastics and reduce the use of single use items where possible.

I couldn’t get away without some COVID news. To date, we have given nearly 3000 AZ vaccines to help protect our community. Thanks to our wonderful nurses and admin staff for managing this. We will be getting some Pfizer vaccine from October. Supply will be limited initially, but will ramp up towards the back end of this year. If you’re interested in receiving a Pfizer vaccine, please check back to our website regularly – we’ll open up appointments as soon as we’re sure how much we’re going to receive, and when…

Keep smiling, people, or if you can’t smile, just bend your mouth up a bit.

Dr. Tamsin Franklin (Principal Doctor)