New COVID treatments

6 Jul 2022New COVID treatments

Whilst many of us are back at work, catching up with friends, and even getting on planes, COVID has not gone away. Australia-wide, 25 to 30 thousand people test positive every day – and that’s just the reported cases. The focus of health communication for a long time understandably concentrated on the benefits of getting […]

Brunswick clinic opening April 26th

26 Apr 2022Brunswick clinic opening April 26th

Turn The Corner opens its second clinic on 26 April, at 301 Albert Street, Brunswick. The building was originally a warehouse, and more recently was used as a place of worship. Now it’s our new home. We engaged the same architect we worked with in Northcote, Nicola Dovey, to help us create a welcoming, attractive […]

Flu vaccines have arrived for winter 2022

21 Apr 2022Flu vaccines have arrived for winter 2022

Flu vaccines are now available at our Northcote clinic. Existing patients of Turn The Corner are now able to book an appointment online. Why do I need an annual flu shot? Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is caused by a highly contagious virus that is spread by contact with fluid from coughs and sneezes. […]

Understanding gender medicine, with Dr Nick

24 Feb 2022Understanding gender medicine, with Dr Nick

“Cisgender” — pronounced sis-gender — refers to a gender identity that a person, or society, deems to match the sex that a doctor assigned them at birth. For example, if a doctor determines a person’s sex at birth to be female and this person identifies as a woman, they would be what is known as […]

Seeing double

20 Jan 2022Seeing double

This is a wonderful early pregnancy scan showing twins. Dr. Tamsin has been using a handheld ultrasound machine since 2020, and finds it invaluable to look at baby – or, in this case, babies! – in utero with her shared care patients. All of the doctors at Turn The Corner love to keep learning, sometimes […]

COVID vaccines at Turn The Corner

1 Jan 2022COVID vaccines at Turn The Corner

Turn The Corner is participating in the COVID vaccine roll-out. Patients eligible for a vaccine are welcome to book an appointment online. Once vaccinated, you can access your Vaccine Certificate via MyGov and print it, or use the Medicare Express Plus App. Log in and select immunisation history from Services. Select your name, and then follow steps […]

Looking ahead to 2022… in Brunswick

13 Dec 2021Looking ahead to 2022… in Brunswick

Work has begun on a second Turn The Corner Medical Clinic in Brunswick. The picture was taken about a week ago… yes, it’s a complete rebuild! The new clinic has been designed with a “Brunswick vibe”, and the same quality of fitout you’ll be familiar with from Northcote. We’re working with the same architect and […]

End-of-year closure 2021

17 Nov 2021End-of-year closure 2021

We’re going to close the clinic at lunchtime on 23 December 2021 and reopen on 04 January 2022 to enable the team to take a well-earned break. To make sure we are able to have all repeat requests taken care of, please ensure that you have ordered your repeat script or referral by 21 December. […]

Inside the tent, with Dr. Tamsin

26 Aug 2021Inside the tent, with Dr. Tamsin

This is Daisy, my 5-year-old labrador. I think we have all felt like this. Despite lockdowns, I have had the luxury of conversation. I get to talk to so many of you and hear your stories, and I know that so many of you have been struggling. Rather than bombard you with more data about […]

Coping with (yet another) lockdown

20 Jul 2021Coping with (yet another) lockdown

By Frank Donnoli and Josephine Piccolo (our resident TTC Psychologists) Once again, we are facing the predicament of lockdown. There are many conflicting emotions that are brought to the surface including loneliness, anger, frustration, and fear. And then there is that other real issue; where am I going to get my toilet paper and how […]