31 Jan 2018Newsletter January 2018

We hope you all had a relaxing break over the Christmas and New Year period. Most of us at Turn the Corner have had some time off, so we’re feeling refreshed and ready for what 2018 brings. Tamsin has seen a few cases of Glandular Fever recently. This virus commonly affects adolescents and young adults, […]

Newsletter November 2017

30 Nov 2017Newsletter November 2017

Turn the Corner has recently undergone accreditation. Accreditation is a voluntary process which involves an extensive on-site review by a team of GP surveyors and Co-surveyors. We were evaluated on the the quality and safety of the practice environment, our systems and processes and patient care. We passed with flying colours and are proud to […]

Newsletter October 2017

31 Oct 2017Newsletter October 2017

​You may have heard about the outbreak of Measles in of Melbourne recently. We tend to get small outbreaks most years and 2017 is proving to be no different. TWO Measles vaccines are required for long lasting protection, some people have only ever had one. If you were born after 1966 and are unsure if […]

Newsletter September 2017

30 Sep 2017Newsletter September 2017

​We will be closing briefly in October while a new heating and cooling system is installed in the clinic. Unfortunately we are unable to have this done outside our usual hours so the clinic will be temporarily closed for the 10th and 11th of October. If there is demand we will provide extra appointments either […]

Newsletter August 2017

30 Aug 2017Newsletter August 2017

We have been inundated with patients presenting with the flu. The Royal Children’s Hospital has seen a 50% increase in the number of admissions this year caused by influenza. The only protection against the flu is vaccination and it’s better late than never… check supply though as some people have had difficulty in finding the […]

30 Jul 2017Newsletter Jul 2017 – National Diabetes Week

​Feeling unwell? We are seeing a lot of people with coughs, colds and winter illnesses. Most of the time there is not a specific treatment especially if your symptoms are caused by a virus. Plenty of rest, nutritious food and fluids will help speed your recovery. Avoid being out and about when you are not […]

28 Apr 2017​Newsletter Apr 2017 – Meningococcal Disease

The longer days are behind us now and where did the summer go? It’s this time of year we start to think about keeping ourselves well with the usual winter illnesses just around the corner. One way you can protect yourself and your family is getting vaccinated against the flu. The adult formula of the […]

LGBTI Clients are welcome at Turn The Corner

14 Oct 2014LGBTI Clients are welcome at Turn The Corner

When my family moved to Melbourne from rural NSW, it was Northcote’s acceptance of diversity that was a major attraction. All the staff at Turn The Corner celebrate that diversity and want to help improve the overall health and well being of all our clients. Book online with us now by clicking the Appointments link. […]

Caring for the next generation

3 Sep 2014Caring for the next generation

Here at Turn The Corner we pride ourselves on caring for the next generation – our clients’ babies and kids. Northcote is a great family-friendly suburb. Our well-loved parks and bike tracks are testament to this, and you only need to wander up High Street to see prams and scooters in abundance. I have three […]

Welcoming Elin Davies and Sophie Wright

30 Apr 2014Welcoming Elin Davies and Sophie Wright

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Sophie and Elin as new receptionists. Sophie has worked with me in Collins St., and Elin is studying at Melbourne Uni. Frances met the man of her dreams and moved to Geelong…! We wish her all the best, and thank her for all her help in getting […]