Newsletter November 2019 – Skin Cancer Update

Newsletter November 2019 – Skin Cancer Update

Posted on Nov 27, 2019

This month Dr Imogen Denton talks to us about skin cancer, what to look out for and how we can reduce the risk. Also a friendly reminder about the clinic’s opening times during the up coming holiday season.

Did you know that at least 2 out of every 3 Australians will be diagnosed with a skin cancer by the time they are 70? Most of these are caused by sun exposure and can be prevented by staying sun smart.
When diagnosed early most skin cancers, including melanoma, have a very good survival rate.

How to reduce your risk:

  • Minimise your sun exposure
    • Slip on a T-shirt
    • Slop on some sunscreen
    • Slap on a hat, and
    • Seek out some shade
  • Keep an eye on your skin
    • Regularly check your own skin
    • Use a mirror or get a friend or family member to check your back
  • Book in for a skin check
    • Your local GP or Dermatologist can perform a skin check; where we look from top-to-toe to check for any concerning skin spots
What to look out for:

  • The three main types of skin cancer are Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.  If you have a skin lesion with any of the following characteristics it may be worth booking in to have it checked by your doctor
    • Asymmetrical shape
    • Irregular or notched borders
    • Variation of colour within the lesion
    • Bleeding or ulceration
    • Red + scaly
    • Red + pearly
    • Growing (or shrinking!)
    • Changing in any way (eg size, colour, becoming lumpy etc)
    • Odd one out (looks different to your other moles)
    • New
    • Itchy or irritating

Heading into this summer season, don’t forget your hat, sunscreen, protective clothing and getting plenty of shade.

A friendly reminder about the clinic’s opening times during the up coming holiday season:

Coming into this holiday season, just a friendly reminder that we will be closing the clinic over the Christmas period. Our last day for 2019 is Saturday the 21st of December, our first day back will be Monday the 6th of January 2020.

To make sure we are able to have all requests taken care of, please ensure that you have placed your repeat script or referral requests in before Wednesday the 18th of December.