Newsletter October 2017

Newsletter October 2017

Posted on Oct 31, 2017

​You may have heard about the outbreak of Measles in of Melbourne recently. We tend to get small outbreaks most years and 2017 is proving to be no different. TWO Measles vaccines are required for long lasting protection, some people have only ever had one. If you were born after 1966 and are unsure if you have had two vaccines please speak to your GP.

Turn the Corner has had a few more staff movements to report. We welcome Cara to the administration team, she brings enthusiasm and vibrancy and we are excited to have her join the team.

Sadly, Dr Walsh has moved on from the clinic and is side stepping into a management role. We wish him all the best and thank him for his dedication and hard work.

Get in touch if you know a good quality GP looking for work. Turn the Corner is always interested in hearing from doctors who are passionate and looking to join a GP practice which is that little bit ‘different’.

Thunderstorm Asthma

With the warmer weather (hopefully) on its way so too is pollen season. The increase in pollens can cause a surge in asthma and hay fever symptoms.

Thunderstorm asthma is another concern for anyone who suffers from asthma or hay fever. Thunderstorm asthma which is more likely to occur between October and December so understanding what Thunderstorm asthma is and how to deal with it is essential in keeping you and your family well.

Thunderstorm asthma is caused when high levels of grass pollen which are swept up in the wind and carried for long distances. Some of these grains burst open and release tiny particles that are concentrated in the wind gusts that come just before a thunderstorm. These particles are small enough to be breathed deep into the lungs and can trigger asthma symptoms, making it difficult to breathe.

If you or your loved ones are affected by asthma or hay fever make sure you have an up to date action plan, If in doubt speak to your GP. ​

Asthma First Aid