Privacy Policy

In this policy, “us”, “we”, or “our” means The Turn The Corner Unit Trust, trading as Turn The Corner Medical Clinic, ABN 70604351469, and being the operators of this website.
Section A of this Policy pertains to this website.

Section B of this Policy pertains to the Clinic.

Section C of this Policy is general information applying to our overall business.

We are bound by the principles contained in the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (subject to any exemptions that apply to us under that Act).

We may, from time to time, review and update this privacy policy, including taking account of new or amended laws, new technology and/or changes to our operations. All personal information held by us will be governed by the most recently updated policy.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 20 November 2020.

SECTION A – Website


The personal information we collect falls into four categories: contact details, click trails, activity history, and publishable content.

Contact details are collected as supplied by you from time to time. We do not store usable credit card information.

Click trails record the paths taken by visitors through the website. This information is generally recorded against IP address, and may be possible to correlate by computer.

Activity History consists of orders or enquiries submitted via the website, or offline contact you have with us such as phone calls.

Publishable content consists of comments or other submissions of content you would like us to publish on our website.


Contact details and publishable content are collected when supplied by you either via the website or direct to us by other means.

Click trails are recorded by our servers as each request reaches the website. This includes but is not limited to the type of browser you are using; the date and time of your visit; your IP address; the address of the website that referred you to ours; the addresses of pages accessed and any documents downloaded.

Click trails can be correlated over time by the use of cookies as outlined in this policy. In most cases click trail data is not directly individually identifiable.

Activity history is recorded whenever you undertake an activity such as submit an enquiry or make a comment, and may additionally be recorded by us when you contact us offline.


Publishable content is collected and republished where applicable in order to enable a two-way conversation in public between us and our visitors.

We collect your personal contact details and activity history to respond to requests or queries you raise; to confirm your identity; to fulfil orders made by you; to keep you up to date with news, special offers, and other marketing information you have opted-in to receive.

We collect click trail data to measure and monitor the performance of our website; to estimate interest in our products and services; to refine and update our website’s content; and to monitor our website for violations of the terms of use or any applicable laws by visitors.


We may disclose your personal information to third parties, and you consent to us disclosing your personal information to third parties, under the following circumstances:

  1. As part of a sale of all or part of our business
  2. When explicitly authorised to do so by yourself at the time you supply the information
  3. As required or authorised by any applicable law
  4. As required for processing of credit card payments by Internet Payment Gateways and Merchant Facilities
  5. As part of any investigation by us into you or your activity on our website (including to your Internet Service Provider or network administrator)
  6. If we have reason to believe that you have committed a breach of any of our terms of use or have been otherwise engaged in any unlawful activity and we reasonably believe that disclosure is necessary (including to the Police or any other enforcement body, or to your Internet Service Provider or network administrator)
  7. To lessen or prevent a serious threat to a person’s health or safety

When you submit content to us for publication (including but not limited to comments, testimonials, votes, or forum posts) you assign us a transferrable, perpetual right to publish and/or commercially exploit said content without limitation. You also warrant in submitting such content that the content is owned or produced by yourself or you otherwise have permission to assign publication rights to us. Publication rights do not extend to fields specifically marked as private (e.g. your email address), except in cases of clear violations of our terms of use.

Content submitted by you for publication may be disclosed to all visitors of our website, and/or republished on other websites at our discretion.

If you provide personal information either of your own or of any third party as part of publishable content, you warrant that you have permission to publish said information and indemnify us against any consequences resulting from the publication of said information.

If you find your personal information published on our website without your consent, please contact us immediately as outlined in this policy.


Cookies are electronic tokens containing small amounts of information that are passed between a web browser and server. They are used to maintain session state between pages or to retain information between visits if you return to the website at a later time.

We use cookies to correlate passive activity tracking data as well as to authenticate supply of information such as enquiries, comments, and votes to minimise malicious or spam traffic.


You may opt out from the correlation of passive activity data by turning off cookies in your browser. Please note however that disabling cookies may result in a reduction of available functionality on our site including but not limited to the loss of the ability to post comments and vote on content.

When you supply us with your email address you may be asked to opt in to receive marketing information by email or other means.

You will be given the opportunity to opt out from receiving further communications from us in accordance with this policy each time we send you information for which you have opted in. This comes in the form of an unsubscribe link, generally in the footer and/or header of each email.

If you receive any communication purporting to be connected with us or our products or services that you believe has been sent to you other than in accordance with this policy, or in breach of any law, please contact us immediately as outlined in in this policy.


With the exclusion of information supplied for publication (as outlined in this policy), we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we hold is not lost, misused, or inadvertently provided to unauthorised third parties.

You acknowledge that the security of communications sent by electronic means cannot be guaranteed. You provide information to us via the internet at your own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for misuse or loss of, or unauthorised access to, your personal information where the security of information is not wholly within our control.

You must ensure the security and confidentiality of any username and/or password used by yourself to access this website. You agree that you will be held responsible for all activities which occur under your username and password (including but not limited to publication of illegal or defamatory material or any other unlawful activity, or unauthorised charging of your credit card).

You agree that we are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of any third party and that the collection and use of your information by third parties may be subject to separate privacy and security policies.

If you suspect any misuse or loss of, or unauthorised access to, your personal information, please contact us immediately as outlined in this policy.

SECTION B – Clinic

1. Introduction

Our principal concern is and always will be the health of clients who visit our practice. A high level of trust and confidentiality is required to ensure the confidence of the clients we serve.

Clients will be assured that:

  1. their privacy will be protected when visiting the Clinic,
  2. the information collected and retained in our records is correct and up-to-date, and
  3. that they can access their information for review.
2. Health information

We recognise that the information we collect is often of a highly sensitive nature and as an organisation we have adopted the highest privacy compliance standards to ensure personal information is protected.

For administrative and billing purposes, and to enable the clients to be attended to by other medical practitioners at the Clinic, client information is shared between the medical practitioners and other health providers at the Clinic. The Clinic and the medical practitioners may collect personal information regarding clients (including health information) for the purpose of providing medical services and treatment.

Personal information collected will include:

  1. the client’s name, address, telephone number, email address, and Medicare number,
  2. current drugs or treatments used by the client,
  3. previous/current medical history, including, where clinically relevant, a family medical history, and
  4. the name of any health service provider or medical specialist to whom the client is referred, copies of any letters of referrals and copies of any reports back.

We may access information:

  1. provided directly by the client,
  2. provided on the client’s behalf with the client’s consent,
  3. from a health service provider who refers the client to medical practitioners providing services at or from the Clinic, or from health service providers to whom clients are referred,
  4. from Government-managed health databases, including but not limited to My Health Record.
3. Use or disclosure of personal information

Personal information collected by us may be used or disclosed:

  1. for the purpose advised to the client at the time of collection of the information;
  2. as required for delivery of the health service to the client;
  3. as required for the ordinary operation of our services (for example, to refer the client to a medical specialist or other health service provider);
  4. for the purpose of the University of Melbourne’s Data for Decisions research initiative, which uses de-identified electronic medical records from general medical practices in Victoria for research. Before any information leaves the Clinic, a software program removes client names, address, initials and date of birth. Identifiable information about the dataset is not provided to researchers;
  5. as required under compulsion of law; or
  6. where there is a serious and imminent threat to an individual’s life, health, or safety; or a serious threat to public health or public safety.

We may also use or disclose personal information for quality assurance, training, billing, liaising with government offices regarding Medicare entitlements and payments and as may be required by our insurers.

We may also use or disclose personal contact information (client’s name and mobile number and/or email address, only) to messaging intermediaries, to enable us to communicate effectively with you. This communication might include appointment reminders, real-time advice about a doctor running late for appointments, recalls, e-Scripts, and newsletters, as well as optional questionnaires and surveys. Our messaging intermediaries include Best Practice, HotDoc, eRx, BetterConsult, HealthLink, MailChimp, Pencat, and Doctors Control Panel.

Consistent with the requirements noted above, we would generally expect only to disclose personal information to Australian individuals and entities.

4. Accuracy of your information

We are committed to ensuring your information is accurate and have processes in place to ensure that the accuracy of this information is maintained. If you believe that the personal information the Clinic holds about you is inaccurate, please contact us immediately as outlined in in this policy.

5. Security of your information

Other than as described in this Policy or permitted under privacy principles, we use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that identifying health information is not disclosed to any person unnecessarily or irresponsibly.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information collected by the Clinic to provide its services, extra precautions are taken to ensure the security of that information. Information may be stored electronically and/or in hard copy. All electronically stored files are password-protected, and regular backups of data are performed.

We require our employees and contractors to observe obligations of confidentiality in the course of their employment with us.

Should you send us an email containing personal information, you acknowledge that, unless you state otherwise in that email, you will be giving us implicit permission to share that email internally with medical practitioners and other health providers at the Clinic, and to respond to you via that medium.

6. Transferring your information

Clients have the right to attend a medical practitioner of their choice and are free to leave a practice and attend another if they wish.

There is a professional obligation for a medical practitioner to provide a new treating medical practitioner with all of the information that they need to take over a client’s care. This is usually done by the client completing a transfer-of-file form and producing an original source of identification for the receptionist to make a copy of.

When a client requests that their health records be transferred to a medical practitioner outside the Clinic, the medical practitioner has an obligation to provide a copy or summary of the client health record in a timely manner to facilitate care of the client. It may be necessary for the medical practitioner to charge an administrative fee for the work involved in providing this copy or summary.

Should a client request that their health records be transferred, for legal reasons, the Clinic retains the original record and provides the new medical practitioner with a summary or a copy.

7. Period for which information is retained

We keep health information for a minimum of 7 years from the date of last entry in the client records unless the client is or was a child, in which case the record must be kept until the client attains or would have attained 25 years of age.

SECTION C – General


You have the right (excluding exceptions outlined in the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 and other applicable laws) to seek access to and update or correct the personal information we hold about you. Access can be denied when letting a client see their records would pose a serious threat to the client’s life or health, or the life or health of someone else (such as a relative, the health service provider, staff or other clients).

If you make an access request, we will ask you to verify your identity. We may charge a fee to cover the costs of meeting your request. If you would like to seek access to personal information we hold about you, you can contact us as outlined in in this policy.


If you have any questions or complaints about how we collect, use, disclose, manage or store your personal information, or would like to request access or changes to the information we hold, please contact us in writing:

Privacy Officer
Turn The Corner Medical Clinic
at the address on the Contact page.