Existing clients of Turn The Corner are able to use the features here to make various requests of us. Some types of request involve fees being charged. In all cases, you could choose instead to make an appointment with your preferred Doctor.

Repeat script and referral requests are managed using the HotDoc Repeats process. Your request will be forwarded to your Doctor or, in their absence, a colleague. Our Clinic’s policy is to ask a client that we have not seen for more than 9 months to make a face-to-face appointment with a Doctor, as your circumstances might well have changed. In other situations too, the Doctor might ask that you come in for a consultation. Should your repeat request result in you coming in to the Clinic to see a Doctor, the repeat request fee will be refunded. If you are not already a HotDoc user and wish to make a request, you will be required to sign up; the only communication you’ll subsequently receive from HotDoc will be on Turn The Corner’s behalf. To enable you to get the most from Turn The Corner via HotDoc, please download the free app from either the Apple or Android store.