Gender Medicine

Gender diversity can refer to a person feeling that their true gender is not the gender assigned at birth, or that they fit along the gender spectrum between the traditional male and female genders, or that their gender is fluid.

Gender transition can include social, physical and legal aspects. Physical transition might include advice on and prescription of appropriate hormones, with subsequent monitoring. Hormone therapy requires extensive initial assessment and education and in some situations referral to suitable specialists may be necessary.

People who are considering gender reassignment surgery need to be referred for mental health assessment and recommendation to recognised gender-aware psychiatrists or clinical psychologists, as well as to the surgeon of their choice.

Dr Rowena, Dr Nick and Dr Leila are experienced in transgender medicine, although you could start the conversation with any of the doctors. To allow proper time to cover all appropriate aspects, please book a 30-minute “Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy Initial Visit” appointment for the first visit to discuss gender medicine if you are an existing patient of the clinic, or a 45-minute “Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy Initial Visit” appointment if you are a new patient to the clinic.