Healthy Weight Management

Maintaining a weight that feels right for you can be a challenging task for many people. Indeed, so common is the difficulty that 2 in 3 Australian adults, and 1 in 4 Australian kids, are considered overweight or obese according to BMI (not an ideal measure, but it is one measure).

Factors such as diet, activity, work, genetics, stress (and more) can all contribute to difficulties in keeping your weight in a range that enables you to live the life you want. Excess weight, especially obesity, is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, some musculoskeletal conditions and some cancers. Being overweight can prevent you from doing things that would otherwise bring joy – running around with family or friends, travelling, easily wearing certain clothing and other consequences that are personal and individual.

We also respect that many live in a larger body or pride themselves on being a member of the fat community and that does not mean you need to be told to change, nor does it mean you should have other aspects of your health overlooked. People sometimes have experienced quite a deal of medical trauma due to size and we strongly hold to the philosophy that this will not happen in our clinic.

At Turn The Corner, doctors undertake a comprehensive assessment of the entire person, then take their time discussing information about all of the management options, which might include medication. Healthy weight management often involves a multidisciplinary approach, and your doctor will be able to direct you to the appropriate services as needed.

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