Shared Care

Shared care is an arrangement between a hospital and a local GP whereby your pregnancy care is divided between the local doctor and the hospital. You will have some of your antenatal appointments with your doctor and others with the hospital, depending on the reason for the visit. Most tests and scans, for example, would take place at the hospital.

Doctors who provide shared care will often have extra obstetric training and qualifications. Most hospitals that offer shared care do so only for women with low-risk pregnancies.

Shared care means that the same doctor who has cared for you during your pregnancy can continue to care for you and your baby in the weeks and months after birth. Shared care doctors are also trained to deal with other relevant issues such as monitoring your mental health during the pregnancy and in the postnatal period, and the provision of contraception.

If you are interested in shared care, please be aware that not all doctors working at Turn The Corner offer it. Presently, those that offer shared care are Dr Bridie, Dr. Ella, Dr Kinga, Dr KirstinDr Michelle, Dr Nick, and Dr Tamsin.

Your shared care appointments with our doctor or your hospital would usually be scheduled approximately at the following number of weeks during pregnancy; Week 4 and every 4th week until Week 32, then Week 34, then every week from Week 36 on.

Please visit our Appointments page to book a time to discuss shared care with one of the best doctors of Brunswick and Northcote.