Voluntary Assisted Dying

Some of the doctors working at Turn The Corner are able to offer counselling in relation to voluntary assisted dying, having completed formal training under Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Act (2017). This law allows a person in the late stages of advanced disease to take medication prescribed by a doctor that will bring about their death at a time they choose. Only people who meet certain conditions will be eligible for voluntary assisted dying. The law sets out the process for asking for and accessing the medication for voluntary assisted dying; there are many safeguards to make sure that it is the person’s own decision and that no one is under any pressure to request voluntary assisted dying.

The law defines very clear processes that must be followed by the patient, their doctor, and others. Before you consider making an appointment, it is imperative that you read the Victorian Government’s information here.

To make an appointment for a VAD consultation, please call our friendly reception team on 1300 557 502.