Yellow fever – unlike other travel vaccines

Yellow fever – unlike other travel vaccines

Posted on Jul 5, 2023

It feels like everyone knows someone who is enjoying an overseas holiday right now. If you’re contemplating an overseas trip anytime soon, you should be aware that new training requirements for prescribers of the yellow fever vaccine were introduced by the Government in late 2018. The lack of overseas trips made during the pandemic means that the new rules are starting to bite only now.

Yellow fever is found in parts of Africa and South America (but not Asia), and you wouldn’t want to get it – over 10% of people who have symptoms go on to develop serious illness, and can die. The good news is that for most of us, all we need is one vaccine jab, and we’re good for life.

Unlike some travel vaccines, though, there is quite a complex process to go through to determine who should have a vaccine, particularly for those that are immunocompromised in some way, or pregnant (or who were pregnant when they had the vaccine previously), or with a young baby, or have recently had another live vaccine. Babies under 6 months are never prescribed it.

To ensure this complex process was rigorously followed, the Government introduced new registration requirements for yellow fever prescribers. Not only must the clinic be licensed but so must individual doctors. Both Turn The Corner clinics in Brunswick and Northcote are licensed, and we have some doctors at each clinic that are – but not all our doctors are.

As a result, when you’re booking a Travel Consult ahead of your next overseas trip, consider whether you need a Travel Consult appointment type that includes or excludes discussion of yellow fever – you’ll find them book available for booking here.

And finally, if you’re interested in finding out more prior to an appointment, there’s some great information here.